Pay-as-you-go App Development

The world of apps is exciting and alluring. Organizations all over the world can easily fly the app success plane, but the general consensus is that the large corporations with proper funding will be able to finance the production of apps, but startups, small companies and entrepreneur, building apps is too expensive.

Another problem is that the desired functionality doesn’t seem to exist in the apps currently on the market, so paying to develop an app can be expensive.

So what to do?

Human beings possess incredible abilities and boundless creativity. Every each person have the potential to conceive groundbreaking ideas continuously. They are more than capable of innovating and creating the “Next Big Thing.”

The journey from idea to realization involves multiple complex elements. However, a reputable agency can alleviate these hurdles and present you with a comprehensive plan, communicated in simple terms or as a detailed technical document, depending on the level of information the client desires.

Having a clear comprehension of the achievable development scope within a reasonable timeframe is crucial when considering PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) plans. Establishing timelines for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can greatly assist in this regard, as it allows the client to visually track the progress of the project and identify key milestones where a functional build with essential features can be deployed.

At TeknoVerse, we follow a well-defined development process that encompasses key stages: Scope, UI/UX Research & Design, Development, Testing, and Release. Each of these stages holds paramount significance in ensuring the quality and success of the applications and experiences we create.

The development process for PAYG projects follows a similar path, but the duration of the lifecycle may vary based on the client’s budget for regular development.

Scope, UI/UX Research & Design, Develop, Test and Release

As part of our service, we furnish comprehensive scope and schedule documents as initial deliverables for your product. These documents serve to precisely outline the essential stages involved in the development process and shed light on various development pathways, both within a PAYG model and other engagement models.

This is the most important stage as it defines the “what” and “how” of the entire project and sets the ball rolling. This is where the magic happens.

At TeknoVerse, our PAYG options are tailored to suit each project individually, ensuring flexibility and customization. We are always open to discussing custom options that align with your specific project requirements.

We do not impose additional costs for bespoke functionality, and in many cases, we can develop a comprehensive scope of work based on a simple description. This streamlined process makes it even more effortless for your idea to take shape and come to life.

You don’t need to have technical expertise, understand coding or design, or have a fully fleshed-out plan for your idea. That’s precisely our expertise and what we handle on a daily basis. We specialize in bringing ideas to life and navigating the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your vision while we handle the implementation.

We offer flexible payment options to suit your preferences, whether it’s paying in stages, monthly, weekly, or upfront. We are eager to collaborate with you and embark on building remarkable things together.

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