Joint Venture

Shared accountability arises from shared responsibility, which means that both teams have a vested interest in the project’s success.

The process of embarking on a tech startup journey can be highly intricate, and the same holds true for the initial steps involved.

Acquiring Talent
Market Entry
Performance Metrics
Exit Plan

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving tech industry, uncertainty is ever-present, and falling behind can happen swiftly. Therefore, seeking out a tech company capable of navigating that uncertainty and offering invaluable guidance to transform your idea from conception to market dominance is a sensible progression.

In our Joint Venture program, TeknoVerse stands as your reliable ally, dedicated to crafting highly valuable software and fostering rapid growth. We prioritize the adoption of industry-leading practices and employ distinctive methodologies to create unparalleled value. By investing in your product, our adept project teams are primed to swiftly seize opportunities, bring innovative ideas to life, and adeptly navigate obstacles that could impede future scalability.

Proposed Plan

Through our joint venture program, we offer matched funding to assist new ventures in refining their ideas, developing their products, and successfully adapting to change during and after the launch phase. We are pleased to provide dollar-for-dollar funding support, with a maximum amount of $100,000 allocated specifically for software development, in exchange for a 15% equity stake.

Are you in?

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2. Phone interview with our Team
3. In person assessment session with Directors (or video conference for remote teams)

Example Plan & Process

Each business is unique and may find itself at various stages of the software development lifecycle. Here is a brief example of how our Joint Venture program could be structured for an early-stage startup.

The Roadmap

Problem Definition
Unique Obstacles
System Vision
Growth Potential
Business Case

Getting to know you

System Requirements
Digital Landscape
Product Roadmap

The Foundation

Team Formation
System Architecture
User Stories

The Build

SprintBased Phases
Regular Releases
Feedback Loops

Launch, Growth, Scale

Ongoing Support
Implement Growth Opportunities

Joint ventures can be beneficial for companies seeking to combine their resources, expertise, and market access to achieve mutual benefits and share risks. It allows them to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities, access new markets, and pool resources to undertake projects that may be too risky or costly to pursue individually.