My Proximity

My Proximity

My Proximity," developed by Teknoverse, is a CRM tool designed to simplify lead management and client scheduling by using location-based notifications. This software integrates with GPS to notify users when they are near a client's location, ensuring that no opportunities are missed. It also allows users to store comprehensive client information, including contact details and notes, which are easily accessible and organized within the app.

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The Challenge.

Over the years as the world has progressed and workload has increased, companies opt for efficient tools to get their work done. Adapting to a new CRM software has many challenges. When done using the wrong software, one has to go through a tiresome task of filling out and maintaining customer’s information that is spread across several programs, third-party companies, and many teams. The lack of a centralized CRM system costs a company precious time and money. It isn’t always easy to get a customer to use your software, many aren’t as user-friendly as a customer would want. In this day and age, no one wants to put in time and effort to learn basic software and then use it.

The Solution.

Teknoverse provides you with ‘MyProximity’ which does all the major work for you. It is a simplified tool where you can put in a lead, and schedule time according to your agenda. To ease the burden of remembering every client location, it sets a radius distance so that whenever you are in the proximity of that area you are sent a notification to remind you of that lead. The software is connected to your GPS, guiding you to the area. You can save all of the client’s information like their bio, telephone number, and email addresses.

The Outcome.

MyProximity elevates the user experience in a way, that when you go out you know exactly where your leads are and you don’t miss even a single one. You are given automatic notifications every time the date is near for a meeting with a lead, and also you can view small notes regarding the lead which makes you efficient and confident in front of them. All the data is organized with this simple tool that makes you want to use it every time you find a lead.